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Reconnective Healing is the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet. It’s a highly evolved form of energy interaction that continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness. It promotes our ability to heal ourselves and impact the lives of others. Recognized by today’s science as the Reconnective Healing frequencies, Reconnective Healing is comprised of this new, all-inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information. These vibrational frequencies encompass the energy systems and benefits of all energy healing techniques, yet are accessible without complicated steps, procedures or rituals… and can be learned by everyone.


Offered in individual sessions, Reconnective Healing is not therapy or treatment. It is CHANGE. Each person’s healing will be unique, as each of us has our own independent perfection.


Following your sessions, take a look at your life and be the observer. Notice what has begun to shift. It may be on a physical level. It may be on a mental or emotional level. It may be that a relationship has become easier or a work challenge has disappeared, or, just in your vibrational interaction with others… you’ve become a catalyst, a new link to a situation with which they had been struggling. Again, you will receive what is most appropriate for YOU in your life and for those you interact with. Reconnective Healing is a source to wholeness. It is palpable. There is a vibrational shift happening in your very cells. Your DNA is changing. You begin to emit more coherent levels of light. Your life becomes one of flow and life progress.


What happens during the session?

The Reconnective Healing does not require any physical touching.

 During your healing session, you remain fully clothed, shoes removed, and lying on a padded massage table. Please create a quiet environment for at least 1 hour, so that you will not be disturbed. Kristoff will simply ask you to lie comfortably down on your back with your arms and hands to your side, close your eyes, relax and observe what you are experiencing.


This “hands off” approach is great for children, adults, families, and animals. Even if you do not have a specific “problem” or disease, you can benefit from these benevolent healing frequencies and find that you experience higher levels of balance and vitality on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and evolve more quickly in life.


What will I experience?


Everyone’s experience is unique. However, there is a consistency of experiences reported among people who receive Reconnective Healing. 

 The most common are:

  • rapid eye movements,

  • a change in breathing pattern

  • swallowing

  • tears

  • laughter

  • finger movements

  • head rotation and body movements

  • stomach gurgling

  • a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being

  • physical sensations, such as tingling, coolness, heaviness or heat

  • visual images, such as people, places, bright light and colors

  • smelling of fragrances

  • the sensation of a light breeze moving over the body

  • a sensation of pressure or pulling 

  • a feeling of your body expanding in size


Each person responds differently and the registers do not have to be present for healing to take place.

How many sessions will I need?

Reconnective Healing does not require on-going appointments. One to three sessions are generally recommended, although some people may find additional sessions helpful if they experienced clear, recognizable and consistent improvement over the first three sessions, and there is more work to do, or if a new situation arises in the future.


A healing session normally lasts about 30 - 35 minutes and you should allow 10 minutes before for an introduction and 10 minutes debriefing after the session.


A healing session is $165/€150.

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